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During the past 85 years of service to Electrical Contractors, MECA has grown in numbers and strength, creating a chain of links that continue to lead the fight for stronger enforcement of codes and laws that govern the industry. Most importantly, MECA has developed a network of contractors who with every meeting create a valuable forum. In this forum veterans pass on knowledge gained and new members help expand perspectives and bring new ideas. Together the members of MECA strive to expand, grow and strengthen the industry of electrical contracting.

Our greatest achievement is the success and prosperity of our members. Each MECA Member must adhere to a Code of Ethics. Electrical Contractors need to provide MECA with proof of Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. This ensures that your clients can trust in your commitment to quality of service.

MECA has many types of Membership and is comprised of eight Chapters throughout the State of Massachusetts.

Choose the membership below that best serves your needs.

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