Retired Member:

Anyone over the age of 62 that is a retired Electrician. 

  1. Retired nominee shall have been an active member of MECA for fifteen years and holder of a “Certificate A”.
  2.  In case of forced retirement, proper consideration shall be given.
  3. May serve on committees, may not hold office, but retains voting rights. All nominees shall be subject to chapter approval.

Student Member:

Any student currently studying in a trades school looking to acquire an Electrical License.

Retired Member without a Previous Active Membership:

  1. Holds a current Master or Journeyman (A,B or E) License.
  2. Has worked in the electrical field for a contractor, educational institute, municipality or manufacturer and is looking to stay current within the electrical industry.
  3. May serve on committees, may not hold office and does not have voting rights. All nominees shall be subject to chapter approval.


  • NETWORKING: Our members get to know each other and gain an advantage from the advice of industry veterans. MECA members are dedicated, loyal and often use services and products supplied by fellow members. MECA is a team of people working together to set a standard the industry needs and deserves.
  • CHAPTER MEETINGS: Members are able to attend monthly chapter meetings featuring industry speakers, the latest product demonstrations and supply house representatives. There is always something new to learn and with technology constantly changing this is a very beneficial and informative way to keep up with technology through firsthand knowledge in order to better serve your customer base. When you attend your chapter meeting you will receive a certificate for 1 CEU towards your 6 hours of professional development.  We come together to discuss what is going on in the industry, network with likeminded professionals. We support and assist each other regarding business and the industry.
  • NEWSLETTER: Inclusive of legislative and regulation updates, Upcoming events related to the industry, Important information regarding insurance, promotions from various vendors, Class information, safety recalls and any informative information that we feel the industry should be made aware of to ensure all our members are currently up to date.
  • CODE BOOKS: Members receive discounts on code books, hand books, tabs, etc. This is an exclusive offer just for our members. MECA prints the code books with the MA amendments bound in the book. You can’t find these at a lower cost anywhere else so our members are able to take advantage of the savings.
  • CLASSES: MECA offers classes throughout the year and we pride ourselves at keeping our costs as low as possible in an attempt to allow our members to be able to renew their licenses without having to break the bank. You are what makes up this industry and we want to make sure you successfully strive with knowledge and education to assist with your success!
  • CAREER CENTER: Members have the advantage to post and seek jobs on the MECA website. We know how important it is to hire the right Licensed Electrician/ Apprentice when you need them and finding the right person isn’t always easy. The MECA career center is a useful tool that gets the word out to our members. Job seekers have the opportunity to see who is hiring and given the information they need to apply for any open position. You will also see and have the opportunity to bid on jobs as they arise.
  • Surplus Warehouse: We know you probably have materials that you find yourself looking at for months and sometimes even years that you know you’re not going to use and you’re just not sure how to get rid of it all. This innovative tool is an easy way for you to post and seek materials. It’s as simple as taking a picture, writing a brief description and entering your contact information. Clean out your truck, Garage or basement in no time! Get the materials you are looking for at a fraction of the cost if not for FREE!!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Use of MECA social media sites like Facebook to get up to date information on classes, events, recalls and anything else that we think our members would want to be made aware of.  If you have something that you would like to get out there whether it’s an event, conference or a product promotion. Let MECA help you to gain clients, increase attendances and generate a steady increase in sales.
  • TRADE SHOW: The MECA annual trade show is the perfect way to promote yourself, your company or organization and all products and services. This event attracts hundreds of attendees from all over Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and other surrounding states. On average we have 50+ vendors at out trade show which makes it one of the bigger trade shows in this area. MECA Members receive an Exhibitor  discount on

Retired Member cost $50 – Retired Member without previous active membership cost $75 – Student Member Cost $50

Chapter Dues: All Members must pick and join a chapter. Chapter dues are collected by the State and dispersed to the chapters. Chapter dues are collected at the same time as your membership dues.



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